Chapter History


The Golden Key International Honour Society at the University of Arizona was chartered April 24, 1983 as part of U.S. Region 9 which includes institution in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. The University of Arizona chapter believes in excellence and strives to provide the best environment for guiding our Golden Key members to succeed through academics, leadership, and service.

Our recent history dates back to being an official chapter at the University of Arizona in 2007 under the guidance of Dr. Celestino Fernández, 2007-2012 Golden Key IHS Arizona advisor. After finding our footing for some years, we became seriously active in 2010.

Golden Key IHS Arizona participates in numberous service activities throughout the academic year as well as a number of other engaging activities. We welcome prospective members who are in the top 15% of their class and who are interested in service and leadership development.

Past Executive Boards

Chapter President Nicole Kuharske-Miller
Chapter Vice President Adeline Hui
Treasurer Truc Nguyen 
Corresponding Secretary Hillary Chen
Vice President of Membership  Jennifer Stone
Social Director  Mandy Wang
Service Director  Cinthia Guillen
Historian Xixi Wu
Advisor Dr. Margaret Briehl
Co-Advisor  Dr. Lisa Schrenk

Chapter President  Zoë HarnEnz
Chapter Vice President  Anita Adjei
Chapter Treasurer  Dian Wang
Recording Secretary  Stephanie Peters
Corresponding Secretary  Hillary Chen
Education and Literacy Service Director  Vivian Wang
Social Director  Shizuka Yamada
Public Relation-Awareness Director  Nicole Kuharske-Miller
Historian  Nadia Hassounah
Web Master-Tech Chair  Adeline Hui
Advisor  Dr. Margaret Briehl
Chapter President Tingting He
Chapter Vice President Sharon Crouse-Matlock
Chapter Treasurer Zhou Zhou
Recording Secretary Amanda Seely
Corresponding Secretary Heather Romero
Education and Literacy Service Director Zoë HarnEnz
Social Director Rachel Ives
Public Relation-Awareness Director Brian Christopher Mendoza Huey
Honorary Member & Campus Officials Liaison Dora Farnsworth
Web Master-Tech Chair Leo Pao-Lai Hong
Newsletter Editor Shizuka Yamada
Advisor Dr. Celestino Fernández
Chapter President Rudy Teyechea Padilla
Chapter Vice President Aleena Astorga
Chapter Treasurer Rachel Leigh Adams
Advisor Dr. Celestino Fernández

 Chapter Scholarship Winners


Nicole Kuharske-Miller


Michaela Brumbaugh 


Natalie Chambers


Alyssa Martinez

Cassia Rae Griswold

David Scott Kleinoeder

Stephanie Aguillon

Honorary Members

Albert Leonard Betty Baker Cedric Dempsey
Arezu Corella Brian Seastone Chris Sauder

Christopher Carroll

Clifford Lytle

Cornelius Steelink

David Snow Eddie Basha Gail Bernstein
David Williams Edith Auslander Gary Fenstermacher
Dennis Ray Elaine Hedtke Gerald Swanson
Dimitri Kececioglu
Gladys Sorenson
Donald Carson
Glenn Smith
Donald Wells
Gloria Wyckoff
Donna Swaim
Guy Atchley
Dorothy Finley

Helen Sigmund James Clarke Karen Johnson
Henry Koffler James Johnson Kathryn Bayles
Hermann Bleibtreau James Knight
Holly Smith James LaSalle

Jesse Hargrove

Jim Click

Jo Ann Contorno

John Taylor

Jon Solomon

Joseph Stauss

Linda Darling Mark Luprecht Patricia MacCorquodale
Louis Kettel Martinez Hewlett Paul Beezley
LuAnn Krager Mary Beavers Paul Kremer
Lynne Tronsdal Mary Roby Peter Kresan

Melissa Vito Peter Likins

Michael Dues

Michael Riggs

Mike Candrea

Murray DeArmond

Reginald Chapman Saundra Taylor Thomas Volgy
Rhonda Moses Steve Kleinsmith Toni Massaro
Richard Cosgrove Steve Reff
Richard Harvill Susan Wilson
Richard Kissling Suzanne Van Ort
Robert Burns

Robert Gore

Robert Olson

Robert Syob

Roy Romer

Vasken Aposhian W. Thomas Lippincott

William Beezley

William Foster

William Grimes

William Velez